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Frequently Asked Questions

Like your shoppers, we know you’ll have some questions too! If you don’t find your answers below, you can book a quick call here.

Does Remark offer trials?

We sure do! We know our tool works and we’d love the opportunity to prove it to you. Duration of trials can vary based on web traffic, so book a discovery call for more details.

Do you integrate with other chat platforms?

Yes. We have seamless integrations with all the major chat tools including Zendesk, Gorgias, Intercom, and many others. See more about our integrations on the 'integrations page.'

I have a few CS team members already. Could Remark work in tandem with my team?

Yes, we strive to be an extension of your team. Whether you have fifty customer service reps, or none at all, we can work smoothly with your existing team infrastructure. We excel at closing the time gaps of existing CS teams, especially in the evenings, on the weekends, or during the holidays.

Are there annual commitments?

No, and there are no termination fees. Our pricing is also based on success and usage, so if you have low web-traffic months, your pricing will reflect that. 

What type of lift should I expect?

We generally create 10-20% net new revenue for our clients. Key drivers of this lift often come from helping shoppers outside of standard business hours, and providing insightful answers on-site so they stay in the checkout journey. Lightning-quick shopper attention spans require lightning-quick response times.

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