Bring the in-store experience online

With Remark, make every shopper feel like a VIP by pairing them with real-life experts when product insight is needed most. Shopping is a journey and shoppers need a guide.

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Join these brands who use Remark to optimize their conversion rates.

Shoppers need a tailored experience

Trustworthy guidance takes the guesswork out of shopping online.

Ask shoppers the right questions

Shoppers often don't know where to start. We help you ask the right questions so we can gauge their interests and provide direction.

Find the perfect expert for them

Experts know how to help. We match shoppers with the perfect expert for them so they can get a fully personalized experience.

Recommend the ideal products

Experts will recommend items specifically tailored to each shopper. These shoppers convert at ~10x the rate of non-chatting shoppers.

Shoppers who chat buy more

Experts drive conversions.

Live conversation is the most effective way to answer shoppers' questions and ensure they make it through checkout.Maximize your marketing dollars to ensure that there’s someone there to help customers go the last mile.

Shoppers want to feel heard.

Every online visitor is unique, so why are you giving them a one-size-fits-all experience? Making sure the customer feels heard and seen means they’re going to overcome decision paralysis and make it through checkout.

Give your products a voice.

Your product design team spends countless hours choosing materials, testing fit, and tweaking the build of your line. Remark ensures these premium qualities are conveyed to the shopper. This differentiates you from the noise.

Happy customers are forever customers.

Is the sub-text really needed here?

The better you treat your customers, the more they’ll invest in you, your brand, and your story!

Liberty made their remark

Liberty Skis needed a way to guide shoppers online. Through live chat and direct guidance, shoppers seeking advice on models, length, and performance have been able to connect with Remark's experts around the clock.

“Our customers crave expert advice when they’re shopping for gear. Remark's pros are unbiased and really know their stuff, and they’ve 100% effectively informed potential customers and helped guide them through the purchasing process.”

Dan's Headshot
Dan Chalfant
CEO, Liberty Skis

What our clients say

Our clients have seen a 12% increase in site-wide conversion rate, and it's safe to say they're happy about it!

Remark has transformed the way we interact with our shoppers. We know that our customers purchase more appropriate products (and purchase more frequently) when we connect with them directly, and Remark has enabled these connections on a massive scale, dramatically increasing both customer satisfaction and revenue.

Dan Chalfant
Dan Chalfant
Liberty Skis

Better service on our chat to drive sales and free up time with our internal team. Remark has been incredible they have lifted the weight off of the chat with our team and allowed us to use our Customer Service team for other projects and day to day tasks while turning sales.

Susie Wagner
Susie Wagner

Remark filled the needed time where our customer service team was not available, so all shoppers could receive around the clock support they deserved.

Dan Holmes
Dan Holmes

We were hoping to improve our customer service inquiry response time by adding Remark to our website. It is incomparably faster than handling customer questions via email, helps with conversion because customers can have an expert help them pick out the right product the first time, and also lightens the internal customer service representative workload. Win win!

Josh Grassick
Josh Grassick

We wanted to help our customers find the right product for them and Remark has achieved that! Our internal team wasn’t large enough to interface with customers live, but Remark has lifted that weight for us and we have seen a lift in website conversions.

Tabi Wakefield
Tabi Wakefield

Make every visitor a VIP