May 23, 2024
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Remark Raises $10.3 Million to Make AI More Human

Remark Raises $10.3 Million to Make AI More Human

Key summary:

  • Remark is making online retail more human for online shoppers and more profitable for e-commerce brands.
  • Remark’s 50,000 human experts and their AI personas power significant conversion lift for brands.
  • Raised $10.3 million from investors including Stripe, Spero, Shine, and Neo.

Remark takes a different approach to using AI to reimagine the broken online shopping experience. We leverage decades of human intelligence, passion, and experience to make e-commerce more effective. Powered by our community of 50,000 domain experts – think an Olympic athlete, a celebrity makeup artist, or a professional chef – we’re carefully training AI personas to engage with shoppers on e-commerce sites, boosting sales for brands, all while earning their human counterparts a cut of the action for their expertise.

Our shopping guides and advisors are a purposeful blend of real human experts and carefully trained AI personas that emulate their proficiency and mirror their communication style. The experts and the corresponding AI personas work in tandem to give shoppers the most premium, white-glove experience possible, at a speed, level of availability, and depth of knowledge previously unseen in e-commerce.

E-commerce is broken

Online shopping has been a lonely, unproductive, and joyless experience for too long. Abandoned cart emails, SMS spam, chat-bots, newsletter popups, and other half-baked attempts at personalization have left online shoppers feeling unimportant and underserved; a far cry from the engaging and personalized interactions found in the world’s best brick-and-mortar stores. A one-on-one human interaction is central to the shopping experience to create authentic, productive, and truly enjoyable online shopping. What actually makes customers feel seen and taken care of is a knowledgeable expert and guide.

Better for shoppers, more revenue for brands

Imagine having an expert at your fingertips to help you with any purchase you’re considering; Remark’s community of 50,000 domain experts stem from a wide array of fields ranging from skincare to mountain biking, and from cooking to baby care. These experts are real people with unparalleled knowledge and experience who, through live one-on-one conversation, detailed product reviews, hyper-specific product content, and more, help shoppers learn exactly what they need to feel confident when making purchase decisions.

Here’s the kicker: Remark’s guides seamlessly integrate human expertise with meticulously trained AI personas, reflecting their product knowledge and speaking style. This gives shoppers a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that's fast, always available, and packed with knowledge to offer the best advice, no matter the language or time of day (always backstopped by a real human). The result? A better online shopping experience for the consumer and dramatically increased conversion rates for our brand partners.

Remark’s approach to assisting shoppers has already helped grow revenue and customer satisfaction for over 45+ brands. Darn Tough has seen tens of thousands of its customers engage with Remark’s experts and personas, netting a 99% customer satisfaction score in the process. PEARL iZUMi has reinforced its storied premium brand with real-life experts and increased its conversion rate by over 1200%. Embr Labs has taught its shoppers about its new wave of wearables, improving their net-revenue by 9%.

Remark's dynamic landing page and chat suite on Embr's website.

Our calling

At Remark, we firmly believe that the combination of human experience and AI is the only way to effectively scale the personalized touch that has been missing from e-commerce. We are committed to rewarding our experts for their knowledge, ensuring that they benefit from the valuable insight they provide; we stand firm on the principle that people should be rewarded for their experience. Remark is here to harness AI and make e-commerce more human again, benefiting consumers and brands – this is the future of e-commerce with Remark.

Who’s with us?

To help make e-commerce more human, we have raised $10.3 million from visionary investors including Spero Ventures, Stripe, Shine Capital, Neo, Sugar Capital, Visible Ventures, and angels like Dave Habiger (CEO of JD Power, Chairman of Reddit), Jeff Barnett (Former CEO of Demandware/CommerceCloud), and Varsha Rao (Former CEO of Nurx, AirBnB leadership). They believe in Remark because by putting humans at the forefront of AI, everyone can benefit from the AI revolution; customers, brands, and our experts. If you’re interested in joining us on this mission, please check out our open roles here: 


Theo Satloff, Co-founder & CEO of Remark

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